Main information about Moscow Region

Moscow Region

Main information about Moscow Region

Founded: 1929

Governor: Andrey Vorobyev (elected September 2013)

Total area: – 44 340

Population: 7.14 mln. people (2010 census)

Economically active population – 4,1 mln. people


Main cities:

Balashikha (235 336 people)

Khimki (221 084 people)

Podolsk (218 537 people)

Korolev (187 284 people)

Krasnogorsk (116 896 people)


Federal district: Central

Economic region: Central

Time zone: Moscow, GMT +3, EST +8

Geography: The Moscow Region is situated in the plain of central European Russia in the basin of the Volga, Oka, Klyazma, and Moscow rivers.

Neighbouring regions: Tver, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Ryazan, Tula, Kaluga, Smolensk regions.
Urban population: 79%, rural population: 21%.


Economy: The Moscow Region has historically been the center of economic, political, and cultural life in Russia. 20% of all Russian scientific organizations are located in Moscow Region.

Key sectors: engineering and metalworking, construction materials and technologies, chemical production, light industry, data centres and electronics, food industry, trade, services. The Moscow Region includes two special economic zones for technology research - Dubna and Zelenograd.
Official website:


SME sector in Moscow Region

SME definition in Russia, according to Federal Law N 209-ФЗ of 24.07.2007

SME sector Number of employees Annual sales revenue
Categories of SMEs Business size
Small businesses Micro businesses <15 employees <60 Mln. RUR
Small businesses 16 - 100 employees <400 Mln. RUR
Medium businesses Medium businesses 101 - 250 employees <1,000 Mln. RUR


Number of SMEs in Moscow Region, including medium-sized enterprises, small and micro-enterprises, individual entrepreneurs

Number of SMEs in Moscow Region
2010 2011 2012 2013
109.3 thousand 129.4 thousand 165.9 thousand 215.3 thousand

Source: Rosstat Yearly Book “Small and medium entrepreneurship in Russia”, 2014


Number of SMEs – legal entities (without individual entrepreneurs)

SMEs - legal entities (thousand) Medium-sized enterprises (thousand) Small enterprises
Small enterprises (thousand) Microenterprises (thousand)
2010 2011 2012 2013 2010 2011 2012 2013 2010 2011 2012 2013 2010 2011 2012 2013
69.4 73.7 75.7 77.5 1.4 0.9 0.7 0.7 10.3 10.9 11.4 11.8 57.7 61.9 63.4 64.9

Source: Rosstat Yearly Book “Small and medium entrepreneurship in Russia”, 2014


Key sectors: trade, services, transportation, manufacturing and innovations, construction, agribusiness.


Key SME support organizations:

Department for SME Support. Contacts: Stroiteley Boulevard 1, Krasnogorsk-7, Moscow Region.

Key person responsible for SME Support: Mrs. Nadezhda Karisalova, Deputy Minister.

Tel. + 7 498 602 08 61. E-mail:


Infrastructure for Innovations in Moscow Region

  • Innovation special economic zone in Dubna
  • 8 science towns: Dubna, Zhukovsky, Korolev, Reutov, Protvino, Pushchino, Fryazino, Chernogolovka
  • 3 innovative clusters: Dubna (nuclear physics and nanotechnologies), Pushchino (biotechnology), Dolgoprudny (physics and technology and Khimki.



Invitation to Collaboration on SME Development in Moscow Region


Department for SME Support of the Ministry for Investment and Innovations of Moscow Region welcomes cooperation with foreign organizations on SME development in the following areas:


  • Policy advice and best practices in SME support policy and measures;
  • Exchange of information on SME support and development;
  • Priorities of SME support and development;
  • Evaluation of SME support programs and measures;
  • Facilitating international cooperation of SMEs.

For any inquiries or help on cooperation please contact:   Mrs. Nadezhda Karisalova, Deputy Minister, Ministry for Investment and Innovations, Department for SME Support, Tel. + 7 498 602 08 61. E-mail:

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Support to innovations in Moscow Region in 2015

Government grants another 160 mln rubles to Moscow Region for pilot innovative clusters

MOSCOW, December 20. /ITAR-TASS/. The Russian government has granted additional subsidy worth 160 million rubles (USD 1 = RUB 32.97) to the Moscow Region’s budget for programs aimed at the development of pilot innovative clusters.

According to the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers, the relevant decision was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The document changes the distribution of subsidies, which is envisioned by this year’s federal budget to regional budgets and aimed at the development of pilot innovative clusters in territories.

As a result of November-held tender, the list of eleven Russian regions was adopted for co-financing worth about 1.14 billion rubles of such pilot projects through the mechanism of subsidies. The funds are disbursed to support steps, which in particular are aimed at developing innovative, transport, energy, engineering and social infrastructure of the clusters of the kind.

“Whereas, the law ‘On Federal Budget for 2013 and Planned Period of 2014 and 2015’ envisaged 1.3-billion-ruble assignment for the purpose, an unspent balance of about 160 million rubles was received,” the Cabinet of Ministers underlines in the statement posted on its website, “The Economic Development Ministry carried out another tender, upon results of which the Moscow Region received the additional subsidy.” “Therefore, the subsidy granted to the Moscow Region grew by 160 million to reach 257.6 million roubles,” the cabinet said.